Flat Leather Leashes

Flat Leather Leashes
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DT Braidy Bunch Leather Traffic Leash

Handle your dog in any situation with the Braidy Bunch. Traffic leads have an extra handle found..


DT Comfort Braid Lead

The 4 foot long Comfort Braid lead is braided from the clasp to the padded Nappa leather handle and ..


DT No Assumptions Flat Leather Leash

No Assumptions is our basic three-quarter inch flat leather leash.It's available in a range of lengt..


DT No Nonsense Flat Leather Leash

No Nonsense is our basic half-inch flat leather leash, available in a variety of lengths and your ch..


DT Slip Leash

The DT Slip Leash is a convenient combination leash and choke collar, a leather piece prevents the c..


DT Soft Touch Leather Leash

Soft Touch is a favorite leash among K-9 handlers because of its durable construction and Nappa leat..


DT Soft Touch Thin Leash

A durable lead for small to medium dogs. A handler favorite with the Nappa leather padded handle.• W..