Non-Shock Safe Anti-Bark Collar

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Non-Shock Safe Anti-Bark Collar

The Pet Life Anti-Bark Dog Collar is Water Resistant and Utilizes a specific Ultra-Sonic Frequency Vibration that Safely Reduces or Completely Eliminates Dog Barking. This Anti-Bark Collar also has an Audible Setting that can be turned On/Off that further helps Decrease Barking. The Collar is also Adjustable and suitable for All Dog Neck Diameter Sizes. This Ant-Bark Collar is an appropriate Safe and Healthy Alternative to training your dog.


  • This Anti-Bark Device is Water Resistant
  • Anti-Bark Collar is Safe and Harmless
  • Utilizes a specific Ultra-Sonic Frequency / Vibrations that Decreases or Completely Eliminates Barking. Also has an Audible Frequency Selection 
  • Adjustable Stretch Collar

DIMENSIONS: L 8 x W 6 x 1

Fabric : PVC

  • Brand: PL.
  • Product Code: 1288
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $24.99

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